ISIS Papyrus: Unified Document and Omni-channel Communication Management

ISIS Papyrus: Unified Document and Omni-channel Communication Management

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Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS PapyrusAnnemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus
The organizational success is today largely dependent on the communication effectiveness with clients, patients and providers. While regulatory, technological, and social forces are creating numerous challenges, there is exciting new opportunities as well for healthcare and insurance organizations positioned well to seize them.

Organizations geared for growth are looking to break out from traditional communication systems that are limiting efficient communication, and are heavily investing into streamlining and automating document-intensive processes and adopting new means of communication to improve customer engagement. On the other side, many organizations are still inundated with paperwork, while trying to figure out how to deal with a vast inventory of content and fundamentally improve their customer experience at the same time.

Digital transformation requires an intelligent technology enabler, and this is where ISIS Papyrus—a specialist in digital document management— embedded in a broader context of agile Omni-channel communication and adaptive processing takes center stage.

Papyrus Technology is the force behind its clients’ leaps in efficiency. With inbound and outbound business communications, Adaptive Case Management, and Content Services integrated in one digital business platform, the company successfully facilitates digital transformation, enabling organizations to move from legacy document and communication management to digital ‘real time, anytime, anywhere’ interactions.

For the fast-growing California-based healthcare technology organization receiving around 10,000 documents daily, using Papyrus means cutting processing time from four days to four hours. For the insurance and healthcare firm Barmer with 15,000 users, the efficiency comes from eliminating manual handling of the vast quantity of documents, which had become a huge burden on its employees.

“Many organizations are looking into operational efficiencies and technologies that will enable them to better service existing clients and target new clients with offerings that meet their needs. Our customers have a complete control over their communication and their business value streams and can touch every step of the client communication lifecycle—marketing, underwriting, billing and claims. The platform manages all processes with client’s interactions connected to organization’s back-office teams and applications and helps foster growth, compliance, and profitability for the users,” mentions Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus.

“Today, customers prefer emails, chat and social media platforms as communication channels, and our platform allows organizations to communicate with clients using any of those communication channels inbound and outbound,” says Annemarie. “The freedom to choose where and how to communicate and do the business is a fantastic opportunity for both organizations and their clients.”

“As we leverage service-oriented architecture, the integration process with new communication channels, legacy systems and applications can be carried simply through connecting services without writing a single line of code,” states Annemarie. “We use the same service-oriented approach within the entire architecture with ready-to-use solution frameworks to be easily configured and combined in the concrete business context of the customer.”

Emphasizing on the AI capability of the platform, Annemarie highlights that AI offers a whole range of opportunities from effectively training machines to recognize documents and messages to intelligent automation and higher-end intelligence applications capable of decision making. “There is a wide range of opportunities for greater efficiency and differentiation— what makes sense for your company depends on your business case.”

ISIS Papyrus continues to innovate, and is looking forward to its annual Open House Conference in Southlake/Dallas, Texas - October 13-15, 2019, where it will present the latest company’s projects and developments, including the new high-productivity tool Papyrus Converse that will enable business analysts to model and automate their critical business value streams at a fraction of time and cost.