ISIS Papyrus: Omnichannel and HIPAA-Compliant Document Management '

ISIS Papyrus: Omnichannel and HIPAA-Compliant Document Management

Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS PapyrusAnnemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus
ACalifornia-based healthcare technology organization receives around 5,000 documents that have to be processed within 24 hours. E-mails with documents are dispersed across the organization and can contain any number of attachments, holding multiple documents, such as Assignment of benefits, Certificate of medical necessity, and patient information. Manual handling of incoming information took four days of processing time for each day’s document workload. After a thorough market research, the institution deployed the Papyrus Omnichannel Business Communication and Process Platform with an Intelligent Capture technology that effectively trains machines to recognize documents and messages, and cut processing time from four days to four hours.

The force behind healthcare firm’s leap in efficiency was ISIS Papyrus—a spearhead of digital document management embedded into a broader context of agile omnichannel communication and processing. In 2018, ISIS Papyrus celebrates its thirtieth business anniversary, looking proudly back on major accomplishments that irreversibly changed the way organizations engage and interact internally and externally, setting a stage for broader digital transformations to foster growth, compliance, and profitability. “Our solution provides smart document management and adaptive communication processing across departments, geographies and channels, connecting clients directly to the core of your business,” says Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus.

Papyrus offers a flexible enterprise platform with a modular architecture and ready-to-use solution frameworks that can be easily configured and combined to satisfy specific clients’ needs. Designed and coded entirely by the company’s experienced staff, the platform integrates data, content, inbound and outbound communication and processes and provides a complete 360 degree view of the client. Mrs. Pucher says that the platform is “like an intelligent human who listens and talks, using all channels, such as web, mobile, e-mail, social, chat and print, and can instantly process, store, distribute and manage the information.”

By leveraging technologies like machine learning much before others, we have proved to be ahead of time

The platform’s process management module provides the out-of-the-box Adaptive Case Management Framework for the rapid development of unique business services and solutions that are not available elsewhere in the market. The patented machine learning technology ‘user trained agent’ (UTA) empowers business users with interactive process discovery and pattern recognition capabilities, helping them make relevant decisions when dealing with specific client situations. “By leveraging technologies like machine learning much before others, we have proved to be ahead of time,” states Mrs. Pucher.

Papyrus has been instrumental in scripting many client success stories, such as WellCare Health Plans that faced a challenge in maintaining and processing many thousands of communication templates in different systems and formats, and sought a consolidated approach for consistent content reusability, control, and compliance. Papyrus took a phased approach, focusing at first on template consolidation and content design and delivery modernization, while the second project introduced a new Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) based on the Papyrus Adaptive Case Management. The award-winning ECMS helped WellCare Creative Services Teams move from paper and keep pace with creation, modification, and administration of huge volumes of marketing and regulated materials with more than 60 media types in nearly 30 languages. As a consequence, WellCare achieved 20 percent savings on job lifecycle time, 75 percent reduction in printing, paper and file storage costs and 20 percent reduction of rework due to enhanced quality measures.

ISIS Papyrus continues to innovate, and is looking forward to its annual Open House conference in Southlake (Dallas), Texas—October 21-23, 2018, where a new Papyrus Converse digital business environment will be launched for empowering business users. The new environment would help organizations define new business services in a non-technical manner based on their business models, terminology, and rules, cutting down costs and time.