iManage: High-Performance Document Management

iManage: High-Performance Document Management

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Neil Araujo, Co-Founder & CEO, iManageNeil Araujo, Co-Founder & CEO, iManage It's another busy day at work and just before going into a meeting, you realize a critical policy document is missing. Without breaking sweat you search in the company's share drive but you can't locate it. You move on to the department folder but here too no luck. You try the next evident option, the search box with a predictable title and the screen floods with potential matches but to no avail. Your document is lost among the colossal deluge of data that an organization today receives on a daily basis—emails, images, charts, contracts, media clips, purchase orders—the list is endless. Research by IDC indicates that by 2025, the world will create and replicate 163 ZB of data. Documents today, whether structured or unstructured, are the building blocks of all businesses and the only source of truth. Specifically, in the case of document-intensive industries such as legal and financial sectors, the struggle is twofold as managing work product efficiently is not only time-consuming but high security must also be maintained. This is where a document management solution comes in. A document management system is an indispensable application for organizations across industries as it helps organize, track, and retrieve digital documents systematically and quickly.

Taking document management a notch further is Chicago-based iManage. The company combines artificial intelligence, security and risk mitigation with market leading document and email management, redefining work product management for legal, accounting, and financial services. Unlike simple file sharing and collaboration tools, iManage delivers content management solutions that are purpose-built for professional work and is comprehensive, intuitive, and governed. Trusted by over one million professionals in over 65 countries, iManage is truly a representation of next-generation document management. Behind iManage’s profound value proposition is technology veteran Neil Araujo, CEO and Co-Founder, who has held leadership positions in blue chip organizations such as HP. Under Araujo, iManage has managed to set a new benchmark in knowledge and content management and spread its footprint in multiple continents starting from Europe and America to Asia.

"Unlike simple file sharing and collaboration tools iManage delivers content management solutions that are purpose-built and intuitive"

Information Access a Breeze

iManage empowers organizations to create, manage, and collaborate documents and emails from anywhere on any device. Based on a user’s behavior, iManage can suggest locations and devices for filing emails as well as automatically file emails based on conversations through the iManage Work 10 tool. Especially in the case of law firms, misfiling of even one document can be a costly affair for the firm’s bottom-line and reputation. iManage Work 10 leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to enhance productivity by eliminating traditional friction points, offering one-click access to documents, and smart previews in a mobile or tablet.

iManage RAVN can classify, find, extract, and predict information from large volumes of unstructured data sets and documents revealing the right information at the right time

iManage Work 10 is combined with Manage Control Center, a powerful dashboard that allows organizations to control user and metadata management and role-based administration. Above all, with iManage Work 10, there is zero learning curve, comprehensive security, and it works across Windows, Mac, and Android.

Another state-of-the-art product by the company is iManage Share. The tool facilitates secure file sharing and collaboration, and clients can easily streamline workflows with internal and external stakeholders. The unique architecture of iManage Share allows firms to seamlessly use tools for metadata scrubbing and document comparison. While other file sharing solutions on the market today provide simple ribbon bar actions to allow the upload, the iManage Share ‘Smart Attachments’ integration goes further, monitoring emails with attachments and suggesting a secure file link based on a set of customizable preferences for a firm. Moreover, customers that are already using the iManage Work mobile application see the iManage Share folders within the engagement file, allowing them to access content without needing to install another application. The tool comes with multi-level file encryption and stringent industry standard that protects the privacy of content.

What makes iManage a cut above other solution providers is their unique content engine, iManage RAVN that uses advanced AI and machine learning to gain new insights and automate routine cognitive tasks. This revolutionary engine can automatically classify, find, extract, and predict information from large volumes of unstructured data sets and documents enabling professionals to access the right information at the right time. iManage RAVN contains semantic and cognitive components, which are leveraged by a set of three applications, to provide end-to-end management, discovery, analysis, and governance of unstructured corporate data, including the capability to extract and distill information contained within documents.

The use cases where iManage RAVN proved its mettle are truly unique and one such example is that of Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP), an international law firm. Before RAVN was introduced to the company they were using traditional and outdated methods to manage their documents. If there was a need for a large amount of due diligence or data extraction, a team of professionals were assembled to manually sift, extract, and record the data. This was not only time-consuming but ridden with errors. On implementing RAVN, its applied cognitive engine could automatically read documents as well as interpret and summarize information. The client was able to completely remove human error from the process, engage their workforce in more important tasks while reducing overall costs significantly.

Demanded by Users not Mandated by IT

Well aware that with endless data is followed by endless security and regulatory issues, iManage delivers best-in-class security, protects sensitive information from phishing and internal threats, and supports ethical walls and client audit requests, all without burdening the user with additional steps and work.

The company delivers 24/7 continuous threat detection, monitoring and reporting capabilities to protect an organization’s sensitive information across any device, anywhere. For the maximum benefit of clients, the company offers innovative security programs, namely the iManage Security Policy Manager, iManage Threat Manager, and iManage Records Manager. iManage Security Policy Manager supports the industry’s best practices for securing work product and is tightly integrated with iManage Work and iManage Records Manager to deliver comprehensive security. The iManage Records Manager, on the other hand, provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records. Administrators can set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records. Lastly, the iManage Threat Manager utilizes machine learning to analyze millions of transactions and detect patterns of abnormal user behavior. A proprietary algorithm scores alerts based on deviations from the individual user and peer group behavioral patterns. Above all, iManage Threat Manager provides built-in reports, advanced forensics, and granular event reconstruction to ensure rapid detection and investigation of an alert.

All of iManage’s work product management capabilities are available as a cloud service. The iManage Cloud is built on the latest technologies to provide elastic compute and storage with uninterrupted services using a continuous automated delivery model. Existing iManage on-premises customers can also easily move to the cloud with no training as such. iManage Cloud is supported by data centers across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. This enables organizations to store information in the geographic location that is best for governance and performance. In addition, the iManage Cloud has no single points of failure and offers a continuous service delivery model, which ensures no work disruptions during key projects and deals.

For the maximum benefit of clients, whether it’s a minor modification or launching a global enterprise-wide solution, iManage offers a plethora of additional services. This encompasses end-to-end implementation support, design refreshes, regular health checks, and upgrades. They also have a competent user adoption program in place where clients are offered a range of eLearning, instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training, as well as blended and onsite training solutions. Client’s can rest assured that in case they have any queries they can always log on to the iManage Help Center and access product learning materials and knowledge base articles, product release announcements, learn from informative podcasts and videos, and interact with the iManage Community.

Hands down today iManage is an all-in-all solution that corporates can unflinchingly adopt for seamless document management. iManage not only ensures that organizations have powerful information at their fingertips but combined with security and the power of AI, iManage is the best bet when it comes to achieving complete control over corporate data.

iManage News

iManage RAVN Appoints Alex Smith as Global Product Management Lead

London - iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that experienced product development expert, Alex Smith, is joining the company as Global Product Management Lead for iManage RAVN. Working with highly experienced teams of lawyers and technology experts, Smith will drive the vision and roadmap for the product from the client and market perspectives. He will be based in the company’s London office.

Smith is coming on board from global law firm, Reed Smith LLP, where he was Innovation Hub Manager. He helped the firm shape its approach to user-centric innovation across the London Innovation Hub programme. Through service design, user-centric product management, collaboration and adoption of emerging technologies, Smith played a key role in evolving legal service delivery working with Reed Smith lawyers, business service and technology teams as well as collaborating with client teams.

“RAVN is on the cusp of explosive growth and we are delighted to have Alex join us at this vital juncture,” commented Nick Thomson, General Manager, iManage RAVN. “Alex brings with him the right mix of technical knowledge, energy, collaboration skills and indeed the ‘right’ experience, all of which will play an instrumental role in enabling us to deliver against our vision. He is a great fit for our organisation.”

Smith has 20 years’ experience in product management and service design, encompassing new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, semantic search and linked data, as well as content management. Prior to Reed Smith, for 17 years at LexisNexis UK, Smith led numerous projects to develop search, big data and artificial intelligence capabilities for the company.

“Data, if managed and delivered in the right way, has the capability to genuinely and materially change the way lawyers work,” Smith said. “RAVN is at a very exciting phase of its development and given the rapid advancement in artificial intelligence technology and a legal market that is hungry for insights from data, the platform’s potential is huge. I’m looking forward to delivering against RAVN’s vision. This move is an exciting opportunity for me and will take me back into the depths of commercial product design, artificial intelligence and breaking down the traditional barriers in the legal ecosystem – all areas that I’m extremely passionate about.”