FormFast: Solutions for Better Patient Care Delivery

FormFast: Solutions for Better Patient Care Delivery

Robert Harding, President, FormFastRobert Harding, President, FormFast
For long, data accumulation was a defining trait of the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and enterprises in this sector turned toward the adoption of solutions for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and yet had to deal with several scenarios where, their Health Information Management (HIM) departments are burdened with the long overhaul of paper documents such as patient consent forms, referral records, and more. Amidst the emerging digital document management mediums and systems, majority of the health information is still handled through inefficient and manual processes that result in the delivery of poor quality patient-care. The need for the hour is an easy-to-use yet powerful, integrated document and workflow management system that enables storing, access, management, and swift sharing of critical documents across departments, and locations. “We empower hospitals by automating documents and workflow, capturing data and streamlining operations for a high quality clinical-care, with our best-in-class electronic forms (eForms) technology,” begins Rob Harding, CEO, FormFast. The firm ensures the hospital stakeholders and process owners gain the ability to improve processes through their document automation and workflow management technology.

As hospitals strive to move to a more paperless environment, FormFast’s Form Designer solution eliminates pre-printed forms and converts the existing healthcare paper documents into feature-rich, paperless eForms. These eForms are dynamically generated with the help of FastForm’s FastPrint, an automatic output platform that streamline the registration process and imprints patient’s information and automatically routes to the correct printers. “With the mission to help hospitals become more productive, these eForms are made with unique features—they can be of electronically signed by patients at registration and at the bedside via our eSignature, for recording patient consents in an automated and paperless manner,” says Harding. “Also, these forms can be sent instantly to any location within the firm via our intelligent workflow routing solution.” This helps avert certain risk such as missing forms, improper documentation, and the liability associated with them.

We accelerate the consent process, ensure compliance, expedite treatment, and deliver better clinical-care

Furthermore, FormFast allows clients to capture the appropriate consents electronically on a mobile tablet right at the point of care, at the patient’s bedside. Consent documents are instantly archived, preventing loss of information, expediting care, and keeping the hospital for compliance.

FormFast’s FastFlow solution helps its customers to capture and collect their patients and staff data electronically through these fillable eForms, annotations, and signatures, ensuring the form completion process are entirely paperless. After capturing this information, firm’s FastFlow Content Manager, an enterprise content management platform securely stores and accesses all hospital documents electronically. Combined with FastFlow’s workflow automation functionality, “Our Content Manager delivers paperless solutions throughout the healthcare organization enabling all the hospital departments to take actions, and complete the necessary tasks in a timely manner,” says Harding.

In one instance, Centra, a healthcare provider client approached FormFast to streamline their inefficient, paper-based operational processes. “Before implementing our solution, the amount of time, money, and effort that went into the clients’ forms management process, took a toll on their productivity and efficiency of the hospital’s entire ecosystem,” delineates Harding. Working with FormFast, Centra’s nurses and administrators were able to make the critical process of managing information via forms much more efficient. By implementing FormFast’s solutions, the hospital enabled its staff to spend more time on patient care and less time managing paperwork.

Gearing itself for HIMSS 2016, Las Vegas, FormFast aims at providing HIMSS16 attendees a test-drive of their automation offerings, which includes solutions for: registration, mobile bedside consents, electronic signature capture, human resources, clinical documentation, and more. “Doing so, We will continue to help our healthcare customers to focus more of their efforts toward delivering quality care," concludes Harding.