DataBank IMX: Intelligently Automates Clinical Data Management

DataBank IMX: Intelligently Automates Clinical Data Management

Chuck Bauer, CEO, DataBank IMXChuck Bauer, CEO, DataBank IMX
Efficient information retrieval is vital in any industry, but for healthcare providers, it can be a matter of life and death. Switching over from paper records to a digital information management platform may seem like a daunting task, and many healthcare facilities often delay the transition. Headquartered in Beltsville, MD, DataBank IMX enables organizations to capture and manage electronic healthcare records to reduce costs, improve patient care, and streamline operations. “We help healthcare facilities rise to the occasion, putting our proven and extensive track record in the healthcare industry to work for organizations,” Chuck Bauer, Co-founder and CEO at DataBank IMX.

DataBank also provides hardware to augment its implementations and delivers full life-cycle support for its products and services. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) takes data management to new levels of functionality. It works behind the scenes as a complete process solution. “We offer smart and scalable ECM solutions, ensuring compliance, patient safety, and streamlining current processes,” remarks Bauer. “With ECM, data isn’t just available, it’s dynamic”. These solutions integrate with more than 500 different applications with limited time or money spent on custom coding, making it one of the easiest and fastest solutions for full data integration. The need for more flexibility is attained with APIs (Application Program Interface) and web services. ECM allows information to travel seamlessly across your entire enterprise, creating intelligent links between applications so that transactions and changes are reflected throughout an entire workflow in real-time. The solution provides robust document security including automated backups, so that all the documents are guaranteed safe.

OnBase—DataBank’s fully integrated ECM software solution captures, routes, manages, shares, and archives high volumes of information critical to operations.

With enterprise content management, data isn’t just available, it’s dynamic

It automates and simplifies business processes and eliminates the need for low-value manual tasks, making all of the content instantly available from a single and easy-to-use interface. With no time or money spent on custom coding, it is one of the easiest and fastest solutions for full data integration. OnBase also supports more advanced features such as API functionality for integration with core legacy or ERP/CRM systems, load balancing, ad hoc workflows, and much more.

DataBank helps clients conserve and leverage resources helping them achieve their vision and goals. In one instance, Southcoast Health System, a community-based charitable organization approached DataBank as they were looking for ways to streamline their administrative functions to increase efficiency while continuing to improve service to their clients. But software product alone was not sufficient to contribute consulting and conversion services. Southcoast chose DataBank because of its track record of successful deployments and its excellent support. DataBank in turn helped Southcoast convert their premise-base system to DataBank Online Services (DBOS), a SaaS system based on OnBase architecture. The solution aided them deliver a quantum leap in productivity and they realized that continuous improvement of their internal systems would help them keep pace with the needs of the clients they serve.

Moving forward, DataBank aims to reduce the overhead needed to support physical documents and to greatly decrease process time higher-value tasks. With their focus on improvising patient care by providing the solutions they do, the DataBank plans to evolve and employ new processes of responding to patients. The company seeks to invest more time and energy on enhancing its adroitness with the help of its dedicated retinue of expert minds.