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Safeguarding Virtual Infrastructure: Snapshot, Backup or Replica
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Konstantin Komarov, CEO, Paragon Software Group

We get lots of questions about the necessity of backups with respect to virtual systems such as VMware virtual environments or ESXi hypervisors. The great number of existing technical terms on the topic and the equally great number of solution...

It's More than just a Ransomware
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Phil Curran, CISO & CPO, Cooper University Hospital

Ransomware is making all of the headlines. I certainly do not want to downplay the disastrous effects of ransomware, but I wonder if we are placing our emphasis on the wrong area. Ransomware is loud and pretty hard to...

Leveraging Cold Cloud Storage for Unstructured Data Archives
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Chris Magyar, CIO, Seven10 Storage Software

Organizations are accumulating large and ever-growing repositories of unstructured data. Business and regulatory requirements mandate that such data remain accessible and protected from damage, loss or change (compliance). Storage replication and...

eFileCabinet: Secure Document Management through DMS
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Matt Peterson, President & CEO

Provides a full-fledged electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data...

IRON MOUNTAIN [NASDAQ: IRM]: Digitally Optimized Document Management
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William Meaney, President & CEO

Provider of storage and information management services to the healthcare industry...

Acentec: Balancing the Act of Meeting Compliances
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Jeff Mongelli, CEO

Provides services to the ambulatory medical community to increase focus on the quality of care rather than administration, rules or other distractions.